The organization provides services to the general public and to its members.

Outreach Events: Among the services to the general public are periodic outreach events to educate about and encourage the formation of new communities, particularly local user groups. These events may be panels or Birds-of-a-Feather gatherings at conferences or other appropriate venues. See our posts page for announcement of Outreach Events.

Local Group Starter Kit: We also publish a local group starter kit available to anyone that is interested in starting (or revitalizing) a local group.

Local Group Consulting: For anyone that is current running or intending to run a local group, we provide online support as requested. Contact us to schedule a tele-consultation.

Member Services: We encourage active community organizers to join our group. Members are expected to “pay it forward” by hosting outreach events, maintain the Local Group Starter Kit, and participate in local group tele-consultation. Members are service by the organization with periodic telecons (with rotating hosts), special content opportunities, and pooled resources for development of software tools to support community engagement.

The organization also bestows the Recognition Of the C++ Community Yearly award. This award is a life-time achievement award to recognize significant C++ community activism over a long period of time. This award is not restricted to members, but award recipients are selected by members.